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Heals and prevents muscular injuries, muscular related skeletal imbalances and follow up deficiencies of mobility and pain. It is a sole physical therapy so there will not be any drug related side effects or problems with doping authorities.
The combination of science (biology, medicine and physics), personal knowledge and experience offers unique opportunities in healing and prevention. No drugs and no hocus-pocus – but science and know how!

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  • Jennifer Wailes
    I bought a very cranky mare who needs to perform in the dressage arena. At wits end and having tried lots of other avenues, I came across NervoMag and decided to try it…I had nothing to lose! What a product!  Five days after the first dose and shes a new equine and I'm a happy owner. NervoMag stopped the twitches, the never standing still,stopped the ears back and no more flat necks. My vet has advised me that the product offers a good mineral balance that is not found in a lot of products to remedy nervous behaviour and that as NervoMag is easily absorbed, the horse receives it quick and fast. I add to the feed once a day and now my mare is delightful to  train and be a round even when she is cycling.  Thankyou, it's nice when a product does exactly what they say!  
    Jennifer Wailes
    Murrimba Stables
  • Sandra Karamitelios
    Products performed exactly as described. Delivery next day. Very happy. Highly recommend.
    Sandra Karamitelios
  • Lizzy Ritchie
    I'm super happy with the results I'm seeing from Nervomag. My pony seems much more relaxed and able to keep his mind on the job! His walk has always been very uneven due to tension and I am finding with every ride his walk is freer and more relaxed. And we've had a lot less spooking, which means much less falling off for me!! Hehe! Very happy! Thank you! From Lizzy and Denis
    Lizzy Ritchie
  • Carissa Drew
    Very informative and helpful. Beate went out of her way to get a product to me urgently. Very appreciated. Thank you
    Carissa Drew
  • Alana Binns
    Beate and the team are great! They helped so much in me figuring out what was wrong with my pony being so naughty! He is so calm and happy now it's fantastic! Thank you so much guys!!!
    Alana Binns
  • Margaret Dalton
    NervoMag supplement has totally improved my TB's demeanor from grumpy, depressed, aggressive, spooky to a happy confident horse. I thought I was feeding him everything he needed ... not so ... his diet is good, but now its better with NervoMag. Cannot speak highly enough of this fantastic product. I have my beautiful boy back
    Margaret Dalton
  • Sharee Verdon
    My hot WB x mare has been much more 'chilled' since being on Nervo Mag...so much so that she went to her first dressage comp ever (1 test in an indoor too) and she placed in both tests. Before Nervo Mag we would not have got near the arena!
    Sharee Verdon
  • Jennifer Wood
    I have been using NervoMag on my mare for the last 4 months, the change in her behaviour and train ability is just unbelievable. Prior to NervoMag she was a fence walker, stable walker and always super matey with the other horses. She would be an absolute handful at competitions and always call out to her mates. Now she is just like all the other horses, she will happily graze in the paddock, be stabled by herself and is easy to take out to the ring without her mates at shows. Brilliant product for any horse with nervous anxious behaviour. Beate has been nothing but wonderful to deal with!  Can't thank Sonovet enough.  
    Jennifer Wood
  • Gayle + Chevy Diva (Gayle Lawson-Verdon )
    I have just started my second tub of NervoMag with my 17h WB hormonal anxious mare. The difference in her is amazing. She is not overreacting to everything as she always had especially when in season. Honestly people this product is the bomb for calming the cranky mare!! Have done 3 years of ovumate previously with only small improvement and much more expensive! Also tried the herbal remedies but NervoMag has finally given me what i have always known would be under all that anxiousness in her brain. Thankyou
    Gayle + Chevy Diva (Gayle Lawson-Verdon )
  • Tiarne Friend
    Such great service! And postage is so fast. Highly recommend it has taken the edge of my jumpy nervous boy it has helped him become more and more confident with each ride. Everyone should give this a go if they have nervous/spooky horses. Words can’t express how greatly this product is. Thanks heaps Beate
    Tiarne Friend
  • Alexandria Kokaev
    I could not be more in love with the results of NervoMag! I could never of take my boy out and about without having to sedate him even just walking him down the road or to the vet, but he is now a completely different horse loves his cuddles and his outings now :) the customer service is second to none! By far the best, and most helpful customer service I’ve ever had either in store or online
    Alexandria Kokaev
  • Caitlyn Batchelor
    Beate and the Sonovet team are amazing. The service, advice and professionalism that this company provides is by far the best I have come across. If you haven't made a purchase from this company (do so now!) or are hesitant about it, dont be. Beate is so prompt in replying and has always been very easy to deal with. I have always received my purchases within 2 working days from QLD to Perth via express post. When I didnt pay the extra for express post, my order was still in Perth within 5 working days. Keep it up Sonovet
    Caitlyn Batchelor
  • Marianne Irvine
    I have been using NervoMag since last August. From having a mare who wanted almost to eat a new horse we bought, she is now so very devoted to Benny that she is rarely separated from him. Mutual grooming even, and she has never done that with my other gelding. But the best part? I now have a calm horse in a float (once she was very scared, as when I got her she had only been trucked, not floated) Self loads now, calmly comes off rather than the rushing she used to do. The very best bit though is that I now have the trail riding horse I had so wanted, one I can trust and enjoy - where once I had a huge bundle of nerves who could shy so big at the snap of a twig. This New Year we went out trail riding, and did 2 days in pretty rugged country, and despite being in season (and she can kick like you would never believe at that time, and has done just that on a long trail ride/camp a year ago) Rosie was cool and calm and didn't put her ears back to kick once. Not a single time!!!!!! It was a tough steep ride both days, I had boots on her for the stony steep ground, and despite being unfit as I had not trained her leading up to this, she was still very happy, keen and even tempered the whole time. I was so delighted - and proud - of her. Its been a long time since I rode her out with other horses she doesn't know, and this was quite an achievement I think to have that result. She handled the whole 2 days with energy and enthusiasm, and the trainer who had her a year ago, who knows her well, was there leading the ride and commented on how very much she seemed to be enjoying the experience. It was great to get that feedback as I had felt she was very happy, but its nice to get someone else to say that - and he would know cos when I sent Rosie to him she was literally scared silly of just being in the bush! But a lot scared her back then, and on reflection some of that could simply have been the need for magnesium. I am so delighted to now have a much more happy horse, a truly different calmer horse these days. I fully believe the NervoMag has made her happier and certainly calmer all over. I won’t be without it from now on. Many thanks!
    Marianne Irvine
  • Jodie Hyde
    Well I started nervomag 3days ago, things reached breaking point literally. My horse is so nervous he gives himself ulcers, he can be very unpredictable an spooky. 3days ago he nearly broke my collar bone by one of these outbursts while I was mounting, luckily I was flung free on him. Day 3 with nervomag in his system he's been working kindly with no nervous outbursts or spooking, inspite of me pushing him to walk over things he wouldn't even go near and approach things he's hesitant of. Many thanks Beate A follow up to my last review. I've seen awesome results in my once nervous tb, it's like I have a new horse. He's no longer spooky an he's working with his mind on the job at home an out. I'm truly looking forward to the future with this horse now :) I've had very positive feedback from quite a few coaches now. Thanks Beate
    Jodie Hyde
  • Julie Robertson
    I have used this product for some time now and it has helped my spooky, anxious boy amazingly well. Ive stopped a few times when he was spelling, and after some time, even in his own paddock he became spooky again. Back on, and he's much much better. Gone from not looking forward to riding him to enjoying him more and more, and he's so much happier as well. I'm not one for gimmicks etc, keep things as natural as possible, but totally endorse this product. And, the extra bonus is the great customer service and generous advice from Beate.
    Julie Robertson
  • Racheal Stanton
    Most people think liniments are all the same but when you use them daily as we do with our race horses, not all of them are the same. Some blister and do more harm than good, others just do nothing! BIOCENA LINIMENT is NOT one of these. It can be used regularly over an extended period of time and cause’s no discomfort to the horses. And it WORKS!!!! (Even on humans). We have purchased a variety of products from Beate, We have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products & helpfulness from Beate. Ordered one day and arrived in the next 2 days. Can’t beat that for service & Quality.
    Racheal Stanton
  • Juliet Lamb
    I enquired about Nervomag when i recently purchased a chestnut riding pony mare from Victoria who was 100 days in foal. This beautiful girl was very gently natured but sensitive and known to get very nervous with unfamiliar people or surroundings. We were all a bit concerned about how she would handle a big trip to WA! I contacted Beate and we decided to give it a go. The mare was started on a 10 day loading dose before she left and Ramsays continued to give it to her each night on the way. To my delight - she experienced no problems in coping with her journey - loading easily on and off the truck and travelling well. She continued to eat and drink very well on the way and when she arrived - although tired she was bright and immediately tucked heartily into her hay without any boxwalking or neighing. 24 hours later you would never have known she had just travelled all the way from Victoriia!. I am both relieved and pleased and would not hesitate to use this product in such a situation - it was well worth it!
    Juliet Lamb


Even the most motivated athlete will only perform at his second best while suffering pain.

SonoVet Equine Sports Therapy opens new ways to deal with sports injuries and to keep muscles and tissues healthy and flexible, thus preventing the genesis of muscular related injuries.

Within only minutes of treatment, tense muscles release and the muscular balance can be restored. Freedom of pain is achieved fast, effectively and with no side effects at all.



SonoVet Equine Sports Therapy works through a unique combination of two special ultrasound frequencies and an electromagnetic field. It does have positive effects on the endogenus tissue (principle of wavelike motion of tissue particles).

Furthermore analgesic, muscle relaxing and hyperaemian results are gained.By using the optimal frequency as well as using the electromagnetic field, SonoVet has a thermal effect on the body cells.



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