Meet Our Team

Beate Lantzsch

Sunshine Coast Resident Beate Lantzsch has been a well known and highly respected Equine Sports Therapist in Europe. She has worked successfully with some of the best european performance horses and riders. Beate has treated horses of the Olympic Teams of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil and Mexico and she is highly recommended by Sydney and Atlanta Olympic Gold Medallist Lars Nieberg.

After having received her Diploma with honors in treating human patients for chronic pain and muscular skelettal deficiencies, Ultrasound Therapy and Physiotherapy, Beate has developed her SonoVet Equine Sports Therapy based on skills and knowledge she gained in cooperation with Dr. Lutz Kiefer in his research team and incorporating new approaches of therapeutic cellular ultrasound treatment into classical physiotherapy for horses.

SonoVet Equine Therapy also incorporates wholistic aspects, therapeutic ultrasound treatment, physiotherapy, acupuncture, stress point therapy and massage as well as the support with the right nutritional supplements.

Contact Beate via this website here.

Paul Hatten

Beate first met Paul in 2006 when both were appointed to find out the cause of an intermittent lameness in a horse. “I was genuinely impressed not only by the very thorough way that Paul determined the cause of the lameness, but also by the way he explained each step, giving the horse owner a clear understanding of the each stage of the assessment. Besides his profound knowledge, Paul is a very modest and trustworthy character, these attributes I would look for in a vet dealing with my animals as well as in a member of our Team ”, says Beate.

Paul’s story tells of an animal loving, determined and successful horseman:
After having graduated as Bachelor of Veterinary Science in Brisbane in 1977, Paul worked for the Belmont Horse Hospital in Perth, arranged and supervised the transport of horses to Canada and the US before gaining further experience at the Swedish University Equine Clinics and locum work in an equine biased mixed practice in England.
Returning to Australia Paul took a veterinary position at Hahndorf Equine Hospital, Adelaide’s main practice at that time. He held a position at the official Veterinary Panel of South Australia Jockey Club.
In 1981 Paul commenced his own practice in Adelaide and Adelaide Hills and in 1983 Morphettville Equine Clinic in Adelaide was founded which soon became the main Equine Clinic in Adelaide and surrounds.
Paul also held the position of elected South Australian Representative on the executive of the Australian Equine Veterinary Association for years before selling his share of the Morphettville Clinic and moving to Queensland where he purchased North Coast Equine Veterinary Services on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

He contracted to Sunshine Coast Turf Club as the official race-day Veterinarian.
In 2002 Paul sold his practice but continued with private veterinary work as well as working for the AQIS .

Paul’s contact details:
Phone ++61 (07) 5445 9330
Mobile ++61 0407370541

Petra Heidenreich

German born Petra Heidenreich moved to Canada in 1999. Being already well known in Germany for her Energy work with Humans and Animals alike she studied and gratuaded in Equine Sports Therapy British Columbia College of Equine Therapy in Canada in 2002.

The Equine Sport Therapy Training includes: Massage Therapy, Physiology, Saddle & Tack Fitting, Nutritional Assessment, Energy Balancing Techniques, Structural Assessments & Balance, Rider Imbalances, Farrier and Dental Imbalances, Anatomy, Pathology, Applied Kinesiology, Use of Herbal Remedies, Acupressure Techniques, Lameness Analysis, Treatment of Common Injuries, Principles of Movement, and the use of Magnets.

At the 2004 Munich Indoors CSI**** Petra and Beate for the first time joined their forces and were very successful keeping competition horses sound and motivated throughout the long and challenging event.

Petra is working in Canada, Switzerland and Germany and is continuing her education in the alternative healing arts. In 2005 she found out about the Quantum Biofeedback and started a 1 year learning process throughout the United States and Canada to achieve the certificate for the Quantum Biofeedback Specialist.

Contact: Phone: 0011 -1-250-767-3251

Alexandra Lantzsch

Alex is our youngest team member.

Growing up travelling Europe's competition circuit with Beate ignited a passion for horses that's never been put out. In her teenage years Alex became more and more involved in SonoVet, and currently works closely with Beate in the day-to-day activities of the business.
Alex runs her own business (in a completely different industry), holds an undergraduate degree in International Trade & Finance, and is currently completing a Master's Degree in International Business. However, horses are still a huge passion and she upholds a commitment to the ongoing learning of creating and maintaining happy, healthy horses, even when we are pushing them to their performance peaks.
"Horses are complex creatures, however they are endlessly kind and loving, and for that I believe they deserve the absolute best care and dedication that we can offer them. That is my commitment to my horses, and to SonoVet clients."

Sue Martin

SonoVet is delighted to welcome Sue Martin to our team. Sue has been active in holistic medicine for animals for over 15 years. She has lectured internationally in the areas of animal naturopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition, pasture management, anatomy, physiology and myofunctional therapy, and graduated in the areas of animal acupuncture and oriental medicine, shiatsu, Bowen therapy, and iridology.

Sue dedicates herself to the constant study and further development of treatments for animals.

Herbal medicine brings simple, cost effective, and incredible health benefits whilst offering your pets a natural lifestyle.

These products are pure herbal extracts, with 75-80% being fresh plant tinctures that have been grown in Australia. SonoVet customers have come to expect only the highest quality and we pride ourselves on that, and offer this range with utmost confidence.

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