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BioCina Canine Joint and Ligament Support



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  • To assist with injuries and/or degenerative symptoms in joints and
  • To support young dogs in their healthy development
  • In cases of serious illnesses of the muscosceletal system, such as: breed specific lameness, spinal injuries or conditions, arthritis, general degeneration of the joints and ligaments
  • To provide support after surgery
  • To help prevent and/or treat deficiencies caused by dietary or hereditary factors, and/or sickness or injury.

Being carnivores, in the wild dogs meet their daily essential amino acid, mineral, vitamin, hormone (etc.) requirements through their natural prey. These days, we cannot offer our animals such a “natural” diet. This often leads to deficiencies in some elements of their diet.

The ingredients in Joint and Ligament Support for Dogs are entirely naturally sourced and formulated specifically for dogs. This maximises absorbability and utilisation of all the valuable ingredients.

20 Amino Acids: Alanin, Arginin, Asparagin Acid, Cystein, Glutamine Acid, Glycin, Histidin, Hydroxilysin, Hydroxiprolin, Isoleucin, Leucin, Lysin, Methionin, Phenylalanin, Prolin, Serin, Threonin, Tyrosin, Tryptophan, Valin.
Minerals and Vitamins: Calciumcarbonate, Magnesium, Carbohydrates, Natriumhydrogencarbonate, Kaliumjodat, Kaliumfluorid, nicotinamide, Folic Acid Pantothen Acid, Silica Dextrose, Biotin, Vit. B1, Vit. B2, Vit. B6, Vit. B12, Vit. C, Vit. E.

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